Amazing Achievement

Boo is understandably proud of becoming the youngest girl to kayak the Three Lakes but she is also proud of the rest of the young team.


Eight children aged between 10 and 14 years began the challenge at Bala last week. One of Boo’s best friends had not been in a kayak before July. She worked so hard this summer with Libby at the Leam Boat Centre that she went from being a non-paddler to an integral part of the kayaking team. Her focus and dedication inspired the rest of the team too. Unfortunately she had to leave the group once they had completed Bala and was sorely missed on the following lakes.



Two members of the team have hyper-mobility, which means that they had to battle with their own bodies as well as with the waves and weather. They did so without complaint and never once asked for any special treatment from the group or their coaches.


Each member of the team faced their own challenges as they kayaked the British Canoeing Three Lakes Challenge. Whether they completed one, two, or all three lakes they achieved something amazing that make their parents and coaching team so proud.

Thank you for your support of Boo’s ongoing fundraising efforts. With your help she has raised just over 60% of her target to help her scouts build their much needed new hut.


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