We Did It! Boo Is Now The Youngest Girl To Kayak The Three Lakes

The kayakers woke to sunshine on their second day on Loch Awe. They were camping on an island complete with ruined castle, which they were delighted to explore after breakfast.


This team of five boys, aged between 10 and 14, one Boo aged 11, and Mark were given fabulous support, encouragement and guidance throughout the British Canoeing Three Lakes Challenge by the wonderful Libby and Jenna from the Leam Boat Centre. They worked well together as a team and appear to have thoroughly enjoyed their adventure.


As Mark and Boo paddled under the railway bridge at the north end of Loch Awe they were relieved to complete the Three Lakes Challenge, and almost ready to start discussing their next kayaking adventure. Boo is now the youngest girl to kayak the Three Lakes, and makes us so proud! Please do continue to support her fundraising efforts for her much needed new scout hut.


The team of children posed for one last time with the Go Canoeing flag, happy and proud to have completed their challenge. They are the youngest children to kayak the Three Lakes Challenge in solo crafts.


Looking at how tired the children at least appeared to be, it was a good job that the supporting families had prepared a veritable feast of chicken and dumplings to refresh them at our home from home – the Torran Bay Hostel.


We now have the rather long drive back home from Torran Bay on the banks of Loch Awe. It is interesting that as we say goodbye to our third lake the surface of the water is mirror calm with no sign of the waves we were dealing with for our 25 mile paddle.


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