Starting Loch Awe on Saturday Afternoon

The weather was windy and wet, actually the winds were at about 40mph and the rain was torrential at times, yesterday morning as the kayaking team readied themselves to paddle the longest lake in the UK – Loch Awe. Boo and her fellow sea scout posed for a couple of quick photos alongside the loch before safely packing the Sea Scout New Hut Bear in a special, and likely much needed, dry bag for the journey.

There was little sign of the sun as the rain continued and the group packed their boats very carefully before posing for one final group photo.

We have really appreciated all the support offered by Jenna and Libby from the Leam Boat Centre. They seem to know just what to say to each of the children to encourage them and keep them going. The trust that the young group have in their coaches is wonderful and will make all the difference on Loch Awe, the toughest of the three lakes.

Mark waved a cheery farewell as he paddled to join the rest of the group on the lagoon, and he also has been on the receiving end of encouragement from Jenna and Libby.

It was a little difficult to stand in the rain watching as the group of kayakers rapidly became dots in the distance as they paddled out of the shelter of the lagoon onto the body of the loch. All we can do now is wait for them to complete the 25 mile paddle, and become the youngest group to kayak the Three Lakes Challenge. It is easy to forget that the five boys and one girl are aged between 10 and 14, are in individual kayaks, and are carrying all their own kit through whatever the weather throws at them.

Please continue to support Boo’s fundraising for her Sea Scouts New Hut Appeal. Thank you.

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