Arrival at Loch Awe

We made it to our hostel last night before the rain really set in after the long drive from Windermere. It is a beautiful location and we have made full use of the hostel lounge (excellent place to spread out kit and check all our dry bags) and kitchen. We can see the little bay at the southern end of Loch Awe, where we will be launching our kayaks later today, from our bedroom

It was fun watching the boats moving around their buoys and the clouds rushing across the sky until we remembered that we are going to be paddling the length of Loch Awe in whatever weather conditions are thrown at us. The wind does make the Loch rather choppy to paddle but we’ve all been talking to Libby and Jenna from the Leam Boat Centre about the best ways to deal with such conditions.


The winds really picked up through the night but a glance at the weather forecast suggests that they are going to drop to a more manageable level later this morning.


Jenna and Libby have suggested that we make a later start today and only paddle the first seven miles, which will take us to the island of Innis Errich for our overnight camp.

That will leave us eighteen miles to paddle tomorrow which we all recognise will be hard work. We’re hoping our Support Vehicle will find somewhere close to the finish where we can eat a fish and chips supper before returning to the hostel.

When we finish at Kilchurn Castle tomorrow evening we will be the youngest group to complete the British Canoeing Three Lakes Challenge and Boo will be the youngest girl to do so. We know Loch Awe is the longest and toughest lake of the challenge but we’re starting to feel ready.

Please do support our efforts to raise funds for  Boo’s Scouts who are trying to build a much needed new scout hut. Thank you.


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