Two Lakes Down, One To Go

After we completed Bala Lake on Wednesday we drove north to Windermere (we actually stayed in a tipi at the Hawkshead Youth Hostel which we all enjoyed!) ready to tackle our second lake on Thursday morning. Unfortunately we spotted that one of the trailer tyres had sprung a flat. Between Mark, Jenna, and the New Hut Bear this was soon fixed and we could head down the windy roads (not easy when towing kayaks) to meet the rest of the team at Newby Bridge.

Two of the children had to stop at one lake this year so it was a slightly smaller team that prepared to kayak Lake Windermere.


There were a lot of high spirits, especially amongst the young team. For some reason they found Boo’s plaits amusing!


Once on the water they rafted up for a quick photocall and then headed off for the 11 miles of Lake Windermere.


There was a gentle breeze most of the day and plenty of sunshine. The lake was a lot busier than Bala with ferries, kayaks, and motor boats adding to the challenge.

We had identified a couple of geocaches hidden on islands on Lake Windermere so the group went geocache hunting. they also climbed trees, ate lunch, observed cormorants and other wildlife, and had snack breaks on a number of the Lake Windermere islands. They even took a break at Castle Wray to play on the adventure playground before finally paddling to the finish at Ambleside.


There were some tired but happy faces as they beached their boats. Boo needed a little nap before we could head back to our tipi to change. We joined the rest of the team for a delicious spaghetti bolognaise and discussions about options for Loch Awe. There is a storm blowing in tonight which will bring some very strong winds so we’re keeping a close eye on the forecast before we begin our last, and longest, lake.

Thank you for your support as we kayak to raise funds for the 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts New Hut Appeal.


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