Three Days To Go…..A Change Of Scene At The Kenilworth Arts Festival Family Fiesta


It was our turn to support our Support Vehicle today with a day doing nothing towards our Three Lakes Challenge. Instead we spent the day at the Kenilworth Arts Festival Family Fiesta helping over 40 families to make about 250 two inch square clay tiles that will keep our Support Vehicle busy making into a mosaic when we return home.

Whilst Boo was assisting the children designing their tiles she discovered a bicycle stamp that she plans to use to make her own tiles. We asked about a kayak stamp, but apparently she hasn’t been able to find a suitable one yet. At least we know she’s still looking. Boo also chatted happily with many of the parents about our forthcoming paddle, so maybe it wasn’t a day doing nothing related to the Three Lakes.

We were rather late home and none of us felt inclined towards turning on the computer, hence this post actually being a few hours late. We’re back to our normal focus now.


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