Five Days And Counting


Is it just us, or are the days rushing past really fast? In a mere five days we’ll be launching our kayaks on Bala Lake and our challenge will begin.

This morning we checked the local paper to find they have published an article about our kayaking for Sea Scouts. It is tucked away on page 20 and does not appear to be available online but we’re sure it will help Boo to talk about our challenge when we’re involved with the Kenilworth Arts Festival this weekend.

Now we just need to fit the last few days of work and our final preparations into five days!

Thank you for all your support, it really makes a difference to us all.

By the way, in the photo above Boo is testing an action camera mount that fits over her buoyancy aid so that she can video our kayaking challenge. As long as she’s not too tired each day she will also be editing the video updates. In case you’ve missed her video explaining why she enjoys being a Sea Scout you can watch it here.


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