Six Days To Go…….this time next week we’ll be on our second lake

6 Days.jpg

We’ve been watching the Paralympics this week, particularly cheering on the cyclists and kayakers. We’ve been reminded of the incredible time we had at the London 2012 Paralympics and been excited to spot stars of those games as well as learning about plenty of new sporting stars. We can’t help focusing on the racing kayaks since they are as long as the sea kayaks we’ll be using next week. Thankfully our kayaks are built more for comfort than speed.

With just six days to go we think we might (finally) have all our kit planned and are very grateful that Libby from the Leam Boat Centre has sent the whole team a kit list that we can use for a final double check.

It feels strange to think that this time next week we will have completed the first two lakes and just have the 25 miles of Loch Awe to paddle. We can’t work out how we feel, or even what weather we want (warm weather can bring out the midges on Loch Awe, and they will make our life difficult!)

As you know we’re tackling the Three Lakes Challenge to raise funds for Boo’s scouts who are trying to build a much needed new scout hut. Thank you for your support that has brought us to 30% of our target.


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