One Week To Go……Do We Feel Ready?

7 Days.jpg

Looking at this photo of the team of kayaking children, Boo has just admitted to feeling scared that this time next week she will be paddling her sea kayak around Bala Lake, the longest lake in Wales with Mark and her friends. Reality seems to be kicking in for all of us.

For now all we can do is work through our ‘to do’ lists and hope that the current good September weather holds out for our Three Lakes Challenge. We’re not sure any of us will feel ready until the moment we successfully launch the first kayak on Bala Lake in just one week.

Please support Boo’s attempt to be the youngest girl to complete the Go Canoeing Three Lakes Challenge in a solo craft by sponsoring her and raising funds for the 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts New Hut Appeal. Thank you.

Boo worked with a friend to reshoot some sections of her video about being a member of 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts. We hope you enjoy watching her work.


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