Why I Became A Scout (and why I need your help) by Boo

One of my friends was already a scout and talked about the fun she had, especially on camp, so I decided to try joining her at scouts. On my first evening I was put in my friend’s patrol – Merlin and we’re both still in the same patrol. In fact she is now Merlin Patrol Leader and I am really proud to be her APL (Assistant Patrol Leader).


I love Sea Scouts because the girls and the boys meet on different nights and the leaders always have a fun activity planned. We spend every evening of the summer term on the water practising our kayaking, canoeing, and working as a team in the Rovers.

In the summer holidays we have a two week camp with all the girls and boys. We camp in our patrols and cook for ourselves and do lots of fun things; we go sailing, hiking and kayaking. This summer we went to Poole and renewed our promises on Brownsea Island. It is always so much fun. We do lots of extra activities in holidays and at weekends such as learning to gut and cook fish on bushcraft skills, help the British Legion sell poppies before Remembrance Sunday, talking to scouts all over the world at our JOTI (Jamboree On The Internet), working towards badges, cycling, hiking, cooking, and cleaning up the river.

We need a new hut so we can help people of all ages learn and play together, and so more people can be proud to say “I am a member of Second Warwick Sea Scouts.” I am kayaking the three longest lakes in England, Scotland and Wales to help build our new hut. Please help us raise money for the new scout hut by sponsoring me.

Scout Sea Kayak

I have made a video about being in Second Warwick Sea Scouts that I hope you enjoy.


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