Putting The Team Together

Now we’re finally in September and the start of our Three Lakes Challenge is a matter of days away we arranged a group safety training session for the children involved.

Boo is feeling honoured as the 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts have not just trusted her with the fundraising mascot bear once again, but also with the ensign that they take on camp. She is taking both responsibilities very seriously, which includes making it very clear to anyone helping her handle the flag that it must not touch the ground. She is being joined on the challenge by one of her scout friends who is also fundraising for the much needed new scout hut.

Saluting Scouts2.jpg

The group of eight children who will be tackling one, two, or all three lakes later this month work well together on the water. They practised rescues and then had fun playing games that seemed to include a lot of crawling across kayaks and getting wet.

Libby is one of the inspiring coaches at The Leam Boat Centre who has helped this group of children develop their paddling confidence and skills and will be joining them on their Three Lakes Challenge. Boo will be the youngest girl to complete the Three Lakes Challenge and the children will be the youngest group to do so.

Team Photo

Let the adventure begin!


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