A Little Tandem Adventure

Whilst we are busy preparing for our big kayaking challenge we could not really resist the opportunity to ride the Rise Above Sportive set up by Mark Cavendish. The inaugural Rise Above ran last year whilst we were cycling Coast to Coast so we deliberately kept the Bank Holiday weekend free this year. Even Boo is willing to admit that the hills of the Rise Above are a bit more than she is prepared to ride on Elizabeth so we’re back on Double Trouble.

We spent some time on Sunday giving Double Trouble a good service and followed that up with a local cobweb clearing ride. Mark immediately noticed the difference in Boo’s power on the hills and in her interest in going faster downhill compared to last year. He thinks this bodes well for their teamwork and completion time for the Rise Above.

Strava Results

We actually started our preparations weeks ago when the Women’s Tour of Britain ended a stage in Stratford. This gave us the chance to talk to the team from High 5 and for Boo to try a number of energy gels. Testing High5 Isogels

She discovered two flavours that she likes and even added the caffeinated versions to her like list. We stocked up on the gels ready for a summer of cycling and kayaking hugely relieved that she is no longer limited to one flavour.High5 Gels So now all we need to do is drive to Chester ready to peddle through the glorious (hilly) Chester and North Wales countryside.

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