Rolling (by Boo)

Heart thudding, thinking through what to do, lean forward, reach out as far as you can, wait till the paddle floats on the surface, all the things I need to remember.

The water is cold so I splash my face. Wow! That is cold!

Okay I can do this. Deep breath, 123, under I go, paddle held tight to the side of my boat. Rolling4

Cold presses in on my head. I get my paddle in position and I power my way up and out comes my head.

Rolling5 Rolling

A deep inhale of lovely warm air.


A realisation, no! My body is still under water!

No! I am sinking back, back into the cold. My head sank back under water. I drop my paddle.

No! I pull my spraydeck. Out and up, up I swim “No! I got it wrong” I think as my head breaks out of the water.

I get my boat emptied. I have to do it, back in with renewed resolve to get it right. I splash my face again, get in position, deep breath.

The last thing I think before trying again is,” BOOM!” under again I go, and again I wait and get my paddle in position, and again I power my way up.


But this time I leave my head in and flick my hips, and up my boat comes, and then up my body and arms come, and then up my head comes.


Yes! I did it! I Rolled!




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