Adventures of the New Hut Bear


Boo was so proud when she came home with the hut mascot #newhutbear. She was the first scout to be given the responsibility of looking after the bear for a month and decided to record his adventures with her.


We were helping all the 2nd Warwick Scout group members to make festive items to sell at a number of pre-Christmas events as part of the group fundraising. Obviously the bear needed to participate in the crafts.


Quality Check for the Snowman Soup

Snowman Soup is a favourite make in our house, both as a fundraiser and as a Christmas season drink. New Hut Bear kept a close eye on the Explorers who were responsible for the snowman faces. However he was soon found by Boo assisting with the hot chocolate stirrers. We think she found him before he could get covered in the melted chocolate.

Can I Lick the Bowl
An Army of Minions

Scouts are renowned for their skills with knots so Boo and the Bear helped the Scouts and the Explorers apply their skills to make these fun Minion-themed keyrings. By involving so many of the scout members we ensured that there were plenty of interesting characters created. Boo and the Bear were responsible for sealing the paracord ends.



Checking the Card Designs The other main craft activity was card making which brought out the creative inclinations of so many of the participating youngsters, and a few of their parents too.

Favourite Card Design

Look Who Found the Glitter

Boo managed to catch the Bear before he got too busy helping with the glue and glitter – a dangerous combination for any crafter, but as anyone who has read a Paddington book will tell you, a particularly risky activity for those with furry paws.


Unfortunately we all missed the moment that the Bear decided to get more involved with the card painting at the Beaver evening. His hat took a lot of cleaning and now sports a wipe clean surface to help reduce the cleaning time after any future accidents.

Painting Accident

Wherever BBouldering at Bear Rock2oo went that month she was joined by her furry companion. He rather enjoyed her weekly climbing sessions at the appropriately named Bear Rock Climbing Centre and built up to climbing to the top of the walls with Boo’s help.


Bouldering Instructions

Checking the Climbing Equipment






Abseiling Bear and Partner Abseiling Bear

Elephant HugsHave you ever played ‘hide and seek’ with a bear in your nearest Ikea? We had far too much fun one afternoon. Can you spot New Hut Bear in all his favourite hiding places?

Afternoon TeaPanda Hideaway

It wasn’t all fun and games though. New Hut Bear and Boo worked very hard on a wet weekend to help the British Legion with their annual poppy appeal

Bethany and Poppy Bear Bear and Poppies

Bear Doing Sales

At least they were able to stay warm and dry when they helped sell items made by the scout group earlier in the month. The snowman soups proved to be very popular.

There were a number of clubs to go to so the Bear helped Boo learn about flight, hands, skin, and the artist Mondrian.

Testing Balloon Hovercraft Inspired by Mondrian3 Making Model Skin Playdoh Bones Playdoh Horns Long Distance Glider Origami AeroplanePlastic Bag Kite




We’re not sure who enjoyed the animal handling afternoon the most but New Hut Bear did seem to get on especially well with Speedy.

Meeting SpeedyMeeting Slither








The wipe-clean hat came in useful when New Hut Bear became especially enthusiastic about helping Brownies to make clay luminaries.

SAM_1603 Putting the Tealights in the Box

Boo was particularly pleased to be able to take New Hut Bear to her track training session at the Derby Velodrome. He struggled to fit on her bike or to work out how to use the rollers and found the steepness of the track quite scary, but then he is quite a little bear).Can't Quite Reach The Handlebars Speeding Track Cylist Exploring the Rollers Checking the View From The FenceHow Steep Is That Banking Looking Down The Finishing Straight

Finally we took New Hut Bear to the 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts bonfire night where he was warmed by the fire, thrilled by the fireworks, and managed to acquire a toffee apple without getting too sticky.

Enjoying the Bonfire   IMG_5324 IMG_5326      Tasty Toffee Apples

Boo is hoping to enjoy New Hut Bear’s company on future adventures; maybe a spot of mud at cyclocross, or learning to handle a capsizing kayak. We’ll let you know if he joins us soon.

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