Sea Scouts in the Midlands

Last year Boo joined 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts. Considering we live as far from the sea, in all directions, as it is possible to be on the British Isles, it does seem a little strange to be a Sea Scout rather than a member of a more traditional scout troop. But that does not appear to stop the scouts finding places to sail, paddle, and get wet.

Draycote Sailing

Boo is very proud of her uniform and being part of such an active troop.

Sea Scout

She hadn’t long started with scouts when they had the opportunity to try indoor sky diving. It was a little overwhelming at first but Boo really loved the experience. Unfortunately Mark’s hand and wrist were in plaster so he was unable to have a go….maybe next time!

Bethany Practising the position Bethany second flight

Every summer, whatever the vagaries of the British weather, the entire scout group, from Beavers to Explorers, hold a Regatta by their hut. We’re not sure how the teams of mixed ages were picked for the different relay events, but somehow Boo ended up in her favourite colour, paddling with friends, and on the winning team! It is safe to say, she has taken to scouting like a duck to water.

Duck Race Rafting

Scout camp is two action-packed weeks with plenty of sailing and paddling mixed in with traditional scout activities such as overnight hikes, and living and cooking as patrols. Boo had a fantastic time and was full of tales of her adventures for some time afterwards.

Sailing Boat Backpack

Considering how much Boo enjoys her time with Sea Scouts, it came as no surprise to us that last year she decided to try to raise funds for her scout group’s new hut. She was proud to cycle Coast-to-Coast, even with the falls, scrapes and bruises, and raise money for the new hut.

Scout Ready to Ride Scout With C2C Sculpture   Grazed Calf

All her efforts were rewarded by the scout group when she became the first youngster to look after the hut mascot and then was presented with a Fundraising Ambassador badge. Whoever was responsible for the hut mascot was inspired as Boo is determined to raise more money for scouts and earn responsibility for the mascot once more.

12196192_1682637255307299_4323580481364735857_n  Fundraising Ambassador Race Night Jockey

It isn’t just Boo who thinks so highly of the opportunities scouting in general and Sea Scouting in particular offers. We hope you enjoy this video made by the hut fundraising team.

A-Z of Scouting made by 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts

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