Yesterday afternoon we had a wonderful family day out with Boo’s cycling godfather and family. They had suggested that Boo would enjoy an Escape Room adventure for her birthday and, unsurprisingly, she agreed. We all had a whale of a time and would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Puzzle Solving

We worked well as a team from the moment we were locked in the room to our record breaking completion time. There were puzzles to solve that called upon our different approaches and our ability to work together.

Indiana Jones

Boo was as much a part of the team as the four adults and solved a number of the puzzles herself, as well as being small enough to fit into spaces the rest of us would have found undignified or uncomfortable.

Trainee Indiana Jones

This might seem an unusual preparation for a challenging bike ride but the confidence it gave Boo in her problem solving skills, and in the supporting teamwork of the adults involved, could prove to be the perfect preparation for riding the Hell of the North Cotswolds (or HONC for short) today. As this ride involves more off-road cycling than on-road it is not a suitable challenge for Double Trouble so we’ve had to wait until this year to ride it together. Boo is now strong enough on her own bike, and enjoys riding cyclocross, to give the 50km route a go. We’ll have to wait a couple more years to ride the 100km route together but she’ll get there.


At 5:45 this morning Boo got up to eat her egg and bacon bagel before the cycling duo drove to Winchcombe, with her still in her pyjamas making it clear she intended spending the journey asleep. There they met up with her cycling godfather for the three of them to work once more as a team and help each other round the 50km route. I doubt there will be a problem this puzzle solving team won’t be able to sort out together.


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