Bicycle Cake

Boo is very, very nearly 11 (and no, we can’t quite work out where the time has gone either) so wanted to celebrate with her friends before the holidays begin and everyone is caught up in family activities (and Boo is busy trying to complete the Rapha500).

Nanna’s “Easter Cake” is Boo’s favourite so is no longer made by Nanna just at Easter (and the whole family are delighted to enjoy the moist cake stuffed with flaked chocolate and ground almonds all year round). Boo spent an afternoon with Nanna baking her birthday cake and then went back before her party to decorate it.

Unsurprisingly Boo wanted a bicycle theme so used melted chocolate to paint this bike on her cake and might have to repeat this design for Mark’s next birthday!

Bicycle Cake  Bethany Birthday Cake

We added candles and number sparklers and ended the day with a very happy nearly 11 year old looking forward to a 2016 filled with pedal powered adventures.

Birthday Cake Sparklers

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