Late Night Anticipation


It has been a bit of an odd day cycling wise for the tandem-riding duo. Normally if they are preparing for a Sunday ride they’ll spend a little time giving their bikes or Double Trouble a little TLC, maybe even a test ride, and then aim for an early night (or as early as we can manage now that Dr Who is back on television) before heading out after an early breakfast for their Sunday ride.

Today they needed to try to rest; Boo managed a lie-in and a nap but Mark was not so lucky. He did at least take things steady all day as he worked through his preparations for tonight’s ride. One of the successes today, at least as far as Boo was concerned, was that they have worked out how to use the remote control watch for the ActionCam. Combine this with the purchase of a bicycle helmet strap mount for the camera and you have one very happy stoker.

Camera Test

She can now sit behind Mark and film the scenery without having to see the camera to know whether it is recording video or photographs. We hope this means she will be able to capture their midnight ride through the quiet London streets at the beginning of their 100 mile St Crispin’s Day Night Ride adventure.

Camera Test2

The videos she records tonight may be a little bumpy as the camera does seem to move around on her helmet a little but I’m looking forward to the results.

Mark is aware that even in daylight some car drivers, and a lot of pedestrians, seem to be unable to see the two of them riding on Double Trouble. He decided that a ride starting at midnight that includes some unlit roads requires additional tandem lights. They have headed off to Chiswick for the start of the ride with two sets of front and rear lights, in case the batteries run out on the first set or they feel a need for extra lights. In addition they both have head torches that they can fit on their helmets, although we have not tested how this will work alongside the ActionCam helmet mount.

Finally he has taken advantage of some of the Halloween costume lighting ideas and fitted this unusual cable to the frame of Double Trouble. I think the camera has failed to capture the working cable but it shine pale blue like the lights from the film ‘Tron’ This should help to ensure other road users are aware of Mark and Boo as they cycle through the night.

Tron Cable Tron Cable2

The upshot of all this preparation is that, at a time when Boo would normally be asleep, they are driving to Chiswick Boat Club with thermal layers under, and over, their cycle clothing, warm socks ready with neoprene overshoes to help keep their toes warm, and I believe I even saw a warm hat to keep ears warm under the bike helmet. With temperatures dropping to about 3 degrees centigrade this evening this will be the coldest conditions for Boo to go cycling, and she doesn’t usually get to stargaze as they pedal.

All in all the St Crispin’s Day 100 mile Night Ride will be an extraordinary adventure for them both. Not a bad way to celebrate 600 years since the Battle of Agincourt.


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