Fundraising off the Bike


Boo enjoys being a Sea Scout so much that it helps when she can combine cycling and scouting activities (thankfully the need to choose between them has not arisen too often so far). Setting herself a cycling challenge in order to raise funds for her scout pack makes sense and allows her to combine two loves with a third….art and crafts.

Sea Scout Sales

We had a stall at a Craft Fair one of our favourite shops (The Tree House Bookshop) at the weekend and Boo wore her uniform with pride. She wasn’t able to stay on duty for the whole sale as her pack were fundraising with a bag packing event and she wanted to support her friends.

Luckily she trusted me to sell her handicrafts including these spooky bookmarks. She made these thinking they’d look great poking over the pages of any crime, thriller or horror books.

Dracula Boolmarks Spooky Eyes Bookmarks

As a less haunting alternative she made sets of festive notecards. No good cycling weather was spent making these; she added googly eyes and other expressions after her cycle sessions. She thought they’d be useful as monstrous birthday cards or Halloween parties.

Looking At You Spooy Notecards

Halloween is one of her favourite events so she helped me make these pottery Halloween badges.

Spooky Sales

Now she needs to return to her training schedule, more about that as soon as I can persuade the cycling duo to sit down and write! Meanwhile I’ll put together a few ideas for her to make for some Christmas sales. Maybe we can come up with some arts and crafts that combine scouting and cycling.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of Boo’s handicrafts or you can donate to her 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts Fundraising page. Thank you for your support.


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