Back on the Track

It feels like a lifetime ago that Boo first rode on a track during our LEJOG ride and it is safe to say that she has not faltered in her determination to gain her track accreditation so she can ride on any velodrome in the UK.

We are lucky that her cycling club is part of a cluster of clubs running track sessions at the Derby Velodrome, with it’s distinctive exterior cladding.


This is still her expression when arriving at the track to collect her bike. She knows that she is going to work hard and be tired by the end but she is trying to achieve her accreditation before Mark gains his. A little healthy family competition seems to be quite the incentive.

Derby Joy

To be fair, Boo was a little more nervous this morning as there were no cluster sessions during the holidays and she suddenly felt like she couldn’t remember anything. She wasn’t the only cyclist feeling that way so we’re sure the coaches will soon have them all confidently riding on the track.

We suspect that in her head Boo will be thinking of herself as a professional like the ones she cheered on in August, and has been following through the National Track Championships in Manchester this weekend. Boo may be some way off sprinting out of the blocks like her heroes but that won’t stop her dreaming!

 Waiting to Start


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