Coast to Coast Day One – Workington to Penrith

We were very late arriving in Pica on Thursday night so barely needed to count sheep to go to sleep at the lovely welcoming Laneside Bed and Breakfast.


Mark and Boo enjoyed their breakfasts before we put the bikes on the roof ready to drive the short distance to Workington Lighthouse and the start of their ride.

Cooked Breakfast

Once Boo realised that we could see the sea we had to pull over for her to take in the view and for the reality of what she was about to embark on to set in.

Pica View of Workington Sea Responding to the Scenery at Pica

All too soon we were in Workington,

Welcome to Workington

and, whilst Mark battled the bikes off the roof in the wind, Boo went for a paddle in the sea and to observe the local wildlife.

At the Seaside Seagulls

Mark wasn’t allowed to leave without joining Boo for a paddle….

Workington Seaside Seaside Selfie

….and a rather smiley selfie!


Finally they were ready to leave the Workington C2C start.

C2C Plaque Ready to Start

As anyone who has walked or ridden on the Sustrans cycle paths will know there are many regional sculptures and fingerposts en route. Mark and Boo only managed to photograph a few over the three days.


However these posters are not somethng they have seen before.

Red Squirrels

To say that Boo was disappointed not to see a red squirrel anywhere near the home of Squirrel Nutkin would be an understatement. We suspect she wasn’t often quiet or still enough for these reclusive creatures to make a appearance. The first miles were dominated by the steady ‘whump whump’ sound of the wind turbines with sheep grazing beneath.


There were plenty of rivers to cross or ride alongside including the Rivers Derwent and Cocker on either side of Cockermouth.

River at Cockermouth

Rivers mean bridges; some were wide road bridges, others made Mark feel like a visitor to the Ewok village on Endor. Boo liked the wooden ones best as they made her voice rumble.

Arriving at Cockermouth Wooden Bridge

The trees above Wythop Mill sheltered the riders as the track would up and down hill.


Boo had a couple of crashes on the shale tracks making the view of the Pencil Museum in Keswick, and our late lunch stop, a welcome sight.

Pencil Museum by the Greta Pencil Museum

Sadly there wasn’t enough time for any of us to explore the museum, although we did manage to refuel with paninis and a quick geocache hunt. It was clear that Keswick is welcoming to cyclists with this splendidly named cafe opposite a vibrant bike shop.

Bike Cafe in Keswick Keswick Bikes

Boo’s pedalling was bolstered by pauses to take in the views, after all if you are working hard to climb you want to enjoy the reward, and an occasional energy gel.


By the time the two cyclists reached our overnight stop (a Travelodge conveniently positioned on the route just outside Penrith) even the energy gels weren’t helping her as can be seen in the difference between the morning and evening faces!

A Bit Blowy End of the day

When you loo at the brief video of the terrain they rode from Workington to Penrith, and consider Boo’s slightly too close encounter with the 100 foot drop over Bassenthwaite Lake, and the resulting grazes, you can see why she was ready for a good nights rest.

Scraped Knee Grazed Calf

She certainly seems to be working hard to raise funds for her Scout HQ and appreciates all your support.


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