Rarely Quiet in the Saddle

there yet

Mark does enjoy cycling with Boo. He must do, or he surely wouldn’t suggest the kind of rides they do together. However, he is quite a quiet person, and happy to cycle letting the sound of the world around flow over him. Or perhaps we should say, he used to enjoy being surrounded by the sounds of nature as he cycled!

Boo doesn’t ask “Are we nearly there yet?” Let’s be honest; she doesn’t need to, as she has her own bike computer and she knows how many miles she is aiming to cover each bike ride. But she tends to chatter, and chatter, and chatter. Even when she’s working hard to climb a hill she usually seems to manage to find enough breath to talk. A lot of the time her chatter is nonsense. Sometimes Boo needs a little distraction from the hill she’s climbing and Mark came up with a challenge this weekend. The results of that challenge are below and should be sung to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”:

The Twelve Days of Roadkill (by Family Tandem)

On the first day of Roadkill my true love gave to me

A deer with it’s guts on the road.


On the second day of Roadkill my true love gave to me

Two flapping grouse and

A deer with it’s guts on the road.


(repeat with the following verses):

Three mangled moles

Four spoiling sheep

Five dead ducks

Six pheasants dying

Seven bashed-up badgers

Eight flattened foxes

Nine headless hedgehogs

Ten squealing squirrels

Eleven mouldering mice

Twelve rotting rabbits.

Cycling does give you a rather close relationship with the British fauna that did not quite make it across the road. This song is probably not to everyone’s taste but inventing it, and considering the range of animals encountered on their travels, worked well to keep Boo amused as she battled with her own legs up the hills of the Coast to Coast route.

On a slightly different note they did spend a little while coming up with a One Direction tribute band; or at least one member of such a band. They decided that with Boo’s longer locks restyled by wearing her bicycle helmet she could be “Hairy Smiles” but as they couldn’t remember any of the rest of OneD that conversation did not last long.


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