Final Climb

Once more Boo began the day with a breakfast fit for champions, and managed to eat most of it too!


Then we drove back to Rookhope so they could start the final day with the two climbs they couldn’t quite face last night.

Start in Rookhope

Boo even managed a cheery wave at the top of the Rookhope Pass, or maybe she was trying to encourage the sheep to talk to her?

Over the Rookhope Climb

This is the top of the dreaded Crawleyside Bank, which wasn’t the most fun to drive up or down and made even trickier this morning as it was on the Winking Sheep route.

Crawleyside Bank

The worst section of the climb over Boo indulged in a little chasing of cyclists on the Winking Sheep Sportive

We met at Parkhead Station, the top of their climb

Final Climb Complete

The final climb over and celebrated with a jammy scone, it was time to demonstrate how to mount your bike (when the crossbar does not allow for anything ladylike!!)

Then they were off along the Waskerley Way, which for some reason made Boo sing the theme tune for “The Big Bang Theory”

Waskerley Way

Although the hardest part of her ride is over, and she is convinced has seen the sea from the top of the hills, she still really appreciates your support for her efforts and for her Scout HQ. Thank you.


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