Arriving in Sunderland

As they arrived at the C2C end post they both responded the same – a quick bike computer check.

Arrived and Checking Garmins

Then Boo remembered to celebrate reaching the end of the ride.


Near the C2C finish post there were a number of related sculptures. Boo enjoyed posing in, on and around the one with a viewing hole that allowed us to see the lighthouse beyond.

Relaxed Posing

Then it was time to put her Sea Scout uniform on and take Charlie on to the beach.

Scout on the Sand with Lighthouse

There was time for an ice-cream before changing back out of her uniform to go and paddle in the sea.

With Lighthouse

As they finished their ride a little early yesterday the Strava data comes in two parts: the missing climbs and then the route that Boo planned for today. There is a real difference in the two profiles!

Strava Profile

In summary today’s efforts consisted of:

44.4 miles

about 4 hours of cycling

Journey time of just short of 6 hours (stoppages for photos, food and occasional route discussions as Mark and Boo can both be quite determined that they are the better interpreter of maps)

Max speed 25.9mph (she may need some new brake pads after the milles of downhills).

Ave speed 10.5mph

and a mere 1,701 predominantly thanks to the climb out of Stanhope via the challenging Crawleyside Bank section.

Mark is relived that today passed without Boo having any crashes or other incidents and managed to stay upright in the saddle throughout.

Boo says she can’t understand why people would opt to head west when the downhill sections of today were the most fun of the whole ride.

Tomorrow we’ll start checking the photos, videos and Strava data, give the muscles a good stretch, observe the progress of grazes and bruises, before returning home.

It is safe to say that both cyclists would like to return to the C2C another time, perhaps opting for one of the other routes. For now though it is time to rest.

Thank you for all your support for Boo’s ride and the Scout Hut.

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