Quick Update (part two) – Day Two Completed

Boo has successfully completed Day Two. Photos and more details to follow (again), probably tomorrow as she came close to falling asleep in her supper, so her priority this evening was sleep (once she’d checked her Strava information!)

We think the profile of today’s ride explains her exhaustion. That very big climb about one third of the way in was the Hartside climb that everyone who has ridden C2C warned her about.

She worked steadily and managed to keep a reasonable pace up the climb. We agreed that she had earned a portion of chips which we hoped to consume whilst enjoying the view…the weather had a few other ideas.


In summary today’s efforts consisted of:

41.6 miles

about 4 hours 30 minutes of cycling

Journey time of 8 hours (stoppages for photos, food and accidents – yes, she has managed to bruise herself when her gears did not fulfil her wishes on a rather steep section of climb)

Max speed 31.8mph (although there were times when her brake pads and tyres were hot to the touch with the friction of long use on the downhills)

Ave speed 9.3mph

and, most importantly from Boo’s perspective – 4,831 feet of climbing including the toughest climb of the entire route (Hartside) and her first view of the eastern coast.

She is now looking forward more than normal to the Tour of Britain as there were dozens of painted yellow bicycles and bunting on our route today indicating that the professionals will be following in her wheelprints at the beginning of September.

Yellow Bike2 Yellow Bike

Today we moved from Cumbria Cumbria  to County DurhamCounty Durhamwith a brief foray into Northumberland.

We were quite relieved to say farewell to the Alston Moor region, as this was the area with the toughest climbs.

Alston Moor

We’d hoped to reach Consett this afternoon but stopped at Rookhope. We could not quite find the energy to face the climb from Rookhope to Stanhope however beautiful the scenery.

Climb out of Stanhope

Even less appealing this at the end of a tough day was the thought of the 5 mile drag (with a 17% gradient thrown in as an appetiser) out of Stanhope. So we have those to look forward to tomorrow morning.

At least the rest of the journey will be flat or downhill. At least that is what Boo promises and she has set the route for the final stage in the Garmins so she is in charge!


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