Day Two Begins (don’t remind Boo it includes the climb to Hartside!)

Looking at the maps, and talking to anyone who has ridden the Coast2Coast route, today is the toughest of the three days as they leave Cumbria and head across the Pennines. The climb to Hartside has been mentioned enough that Boo packed her preferred comforting energy boost of marshmallow and chocolate raisin laden Trail Mix.

Trail Mix

Unusually for their cycling adventure our accommodation last night was actually on the route so this morning they had the shortest journey from bed to the start!

Shortest route to the start

They have stuffed their pockets with warmer tops and waterproofs as these clouds do not look as friendly as yesterday’s weather. Hopefully they have left early enough to break the back of the climbing before the rain catches up with them.

Cloudy Weather

A gentle slope to the road


was followed by the need to cross the A66. Thank goodness for a quiet Bank Holiday Weekend morning. Today’s route does take them alongside roads like the A66 with the occasional need to cross so Mark will probably take the lead.

Crossing the A66 on a quiet Saturday

The footage from this camera is a little shaky but hopefully gives you a taste of their safe transit. Boo even managed a cheery wave once they were on the path on the other side.

We’re hopeful that they’ll manage to keep the live map running today so do check At the time of writing this, they were well on their way to Langwathby.

Boo appreciates all the support you are giving her for her Coast to Coast ride to raise funds for her Scout Hut


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