Worries of a Support Vehicle

The live updates on a map idea is great but….what to do when it doesn’t show them moving? Questions run through my head:

Have they stopped?

Did they break the connection?

Has it stopped working?


Where are they?

I tried checking Mark’s Twitter account but he last posted 2 hours ago when they had a quick energy gel boost before heading to Keswick. Then I tried calling but there is no answer. If he has no signal that would explain the lack of map updates but does rather leave me waiting…and wondering….

We met at the Pencil Museum in Keswick so they could eat paninis (Boo selected brie and grape) and they seemed OK. Admittedly Boo was a little tired and has built up a collection of grazes on her legs thanks to a couple of falls but she announced the falls with a cheerful:

I fell and paused my Garmin (bike computer), stopped the video (does this mean I will have the dubious pleasure of witnessing her fall when I pull the footage off the camera?), unclipped my cleats, realised my head was hanging over the edge of the path, checked my legs and Charlie (her bike) and then called for help.

pause my garminbike ok

Obviously there’s a part of me that is proud of the way she handled her accidents. But can anyone blame me for the corner that is wondering why her legs (and potentially precariously balanced body) don’t take priority over her ride statistics?!

About half an hour after I waved them off from Keswick (so two hours ago) I received a text message that read:

“If you get a chance, get some antiseptic cream. Boo is trying to lose more skin. Nothing too serious but cream and plaster will help.”

Logic tells me they are both fine and focused on their cycling. But is it any wonder my hair is grey?


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