So It Begins….

We were late arriving in Pico last night so took a little bit of starting this morning. When we finally reached the start in Workington the wind blew any last remaining cobwebs away!

A Bit Blowy

Boo insisted on a paddle in the sea, a run along the shingle, and generally a spot of seaside fun! At the Seaside

She had a few issues with her Scout uniform but managed to utilise the chinstrap so no-one had to chase her hat and between photos she adjusted, or just held onto, her yellow necker!

Scout Ready to Ride

Once lunch was packed, drinks and Garmins (bike computers) on the bikes the cycling duo dipped a final toe in the sea, took a selfie and headed to the official start point.

Seaside Selfie

Heading to the Start

Once at the C2C lighthouse they double checked everything and realised the paper map was still in the car! So after a couple of quick photos they pedalled to the car, collected the map, dropped off their fleeces as the weather looks good at the moment. And they are now off!

Ready to StartAnd They're Off

You can follow their progress live here.

Boo appreciates all the support for her ride and her scout pack; thank you.


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