One Day To Go


We’re collecting together the final supplies, double checking the weather forecast (a tailwind but it looks like a lot of rainfall, after all it is a Bank Holiday Weekend), packing the car and then heading to Cumbria ready for an early start at Workington tomorrow.Sorry I'm Busy

Part of the final preparations included Boo going for a test ride to check her new gears (turns out they needed a little tinkering, but that’s sorted now) and to experiment with the ActionCam. She’s impressed with the wide angle of the camera as it will help her record the roads, tracks and views over her 140 miles ride. She’s not quite so sure about the camera when it face towards her although we were amused to see how often she sticks her tongue out when going round corners!

Hope you enjoy the little taster below. Tomorrow morning we’ll post a link to the map where you can follow Boo’s ride in real time and hopefully our WiFi connections will help us share more footage with you too.

Thank you for your support for the Scout Hut and Boo’s efforts.

Happy Coast to Coast Scout


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