Preparations for Coast to Coast

With just 3 days to go before Boo rides her longest ride to date on her own bike (Charlie) our preparations are gathering speed. It helps that we learnt a lot last year with the LEJOG ride, and that this one is just three days. But there still seems plenty to do.

It feels like every day another package arrives. This one was greeted with great relief as it contains the rather vital pot of chamois cream as well as a fresh supply of the only energy gel that Boo will happily eat (if she’s tired enough she’ll accept whatever flavour is available but we’d rather she didn’t reach that stage).

Energy Gels

A look at the profile for Day Two made us realise that Boo was going to need some smaller gears to help her up the hills. She was happy to assist in fitting the new block and chain and Mark is delighted that she is building her bike mechanic skills.

New Cycling Supplies

The shorts in the above photo are the latest step in Boo’s evolution as a cyclist. These are bibshorts so no waist band to get sticky and she definitely feels like a professional cyclist in them!

New Shorts Side New Bib Shorts Front

Clearly the new bibshorts required a test ride so the two of them headed out on Saturday morning, on one of the hottest days in August, taking the long route to Stratford (via Henley ice-cream). To say that Boo is overjoyed with her highspeed descent of Bordon Hill reaching a maximum of 34 mph would be an understatement that ignores her squeal of joy heard by the local bats. She felt even better when she checked her results on Strava and found herself joint second fastest female for this descent. We all met in Stratford so they could change into their civies for a spot of geocaching, which seemed to require resting on the bench, and chilled recovery drinks. Boo is currently participating in Sally Evans‘ 30 Day Photo Challenge and took the drinks photo below for the “Something Beginning With S” challenge as she called it “Strawberries, Spoons and Straws in a Shake and Smoothie”

Smoothie and Shake Recovering at Stratford Town Hall

Boo’s bike ‘Charlie’ posed for the “From the Side” challenge and we’re sure that cycling and photography will be combined in more of the challenges.

Brakes from the side

When returning home from our Velodrome experience last weekend, more to follow in a post soon, we successfully tested our ‘FollowMyRide’ app. When we start the Coast2Coast later this week it will be possible for you to follow our progress live on a map with links we’ll post each morning. This was something we’d hoped to do last year so we’re delighted that we seem to have made it work for this year.

Follow My Ride Test Map

Boo, and her scout pack, appreciate all the support you can offer for her ride. She’s aiming to raise £1 per mile ridden so £140 for the ride.

Happy Coast to Coast Scout

Thank you for your help.


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