Coast to Coast Scout

Boo is back home from Scout Camp where she had an amazing time but she missed her bike “Charlie”.

Mark and Boo built “Charlie” together taking pedals and saddle from her last bike and, until Mark built new wheels, she even had the wheels from his winter training bike. Clearly growing taller and using adult wheels is going to make hunting for spares easier.

She’d barely started her unpacking before she found her way onto Charlie’s saddle whilst demonstrating her ability to salute and to stand-at-ease.

Happy Coast to Coast Scout Coast to Coast Scout Saluting Coast to Coast Scout At Ease Coast to Coast Scout

She says she is ready for a new challenge and wants to do something to help her scout group. The 2nd Warwick Scout Group has about 200 members aged between 6 and 25 and has been granted planning permission to build a new HQ where they will be able to store the equipment needed for camps and for scout meetings such as sailing, kayaking, canoeing, rowing in addition to traditional scouting activities. Boo loves learning to sail and was delighted to be in the winning team at a very soggy group regatta this summer so we were not surprised when she said she would like to raise funds for the new scout HQ.

Although she is the stoker for “Double Trouble” and has clocked up many cycling miles, she has only ridden a maximum of 35 miles in one day on her own bike so far. Therefore the 140 mile Coast2Coast route across the Lake District and the Pennines will be a real test for her cycling and endurance. Mark is conscious that 50 miles a day is not a difficult mileage for him but he will have the challenge of pacing Boo on the hills, which anyone who has cycled up a hill slower than they wanted is not as easy as it sounds. Even in the hills it should be possible for Boo to average 8 miles/hour making 50 miles a day tough but achievable. It will also help us decide whether to use bikes or tandem for next year’s River Rhine challenge, and how many miles a day will be a realistic target.

Now Boo’s home it is time to sit down with Mark to map out the three day route. This is a popular cycling challenge so there are lots of supporting websites and, thanks to the work of Sustrans and local authorities, there is a route that utilises minor roads, cyclepaths, off road sections and limits the main roads to about 5%. They will check the guidance and then map out a route together. It will be interesting to see if the route planning process will be more challenging than preparing for LEJOG with Boo taking an active part or if they will be able to match their, sometimes clashing, priorities.

Guidance from Sustrans suggests that day one will include a big climb at Whinlatter in a mainly undulating day; day two will be a tough day over very hilly terrain; and day three will be mainly level, or even downhill, to the finish.

Boo is a big fan of Jens Voigt ever since she watched him riding in the Tour de France. She took on board his catchphrase “Shut Up Legs!” during last year’s LEJOG ride and pride of place on Charlie is a purple “Shut Up Legs!” to focus on when struggling up hills. It seems that she will need to channel her inner ‘Jens’ on the middle day of the ride.

Shut Up Legs

Please support Boo on her Coast2Coast challenge and help her raise funds for the 2nd Warwick Scout Hut.

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