Heading Back to Scotland


We’ve been busy trying to return to ‘normal’ life for the last month with the distraction of the Tour de France (we made it to Ripon, Harrogate and Knaresborough with Double Trouble to cheer the riders through the first two days in Yorkshire and were really upset when Mark Cavendish was injured and out of the Tour and the Commonwealth Games).

We’re also trying to increase our fundraising to £2,500 for each charity and will post more about our planned fundraising events soon.

Meanwhile we are torn as to who to support in the Commonwealth Games. On Twitter we are cheering on Wales as Mark is three quarters Welsh and Boo loves to cheer on the dragons.

support wales

Our Support Vehicle is mainly cheering on England but has been heard to whoop for the Isle of Man (apparently she has maternal Manx ancestors; at least that is her excuse), and Scotland (because a nation that can make Tunnocks Teacakes, Butter Tablet and shortbread has to be worth a big cheer).

We were lucky to acquire tickets for the Rugby 7’s, but sadly none for the cycling, so are heading north for the weekend. It will be fun to share the journey in the car, taking occasional detours off the motorways to revisit places like Penrith and Gretna Green without Double Trouble in tow. We are all looking forward to our Commonwealth Games adventure.

We have the added bonus of a return visit to Dundee for our Beano reader and meeting up with family so are definitely excited about our return to Scotland

Hope you are enjoying the interesting mix of sports and the celebration of Scotland and 70 other nations as much as us.




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