Beano Fan Takes a Trip Round Dundee

We may not have reached Dundee until 3am exhausted after the final day of riding LEJOG (and the drive through the dark in the Cairngorms) but that wasn’t going to stop Boo having a little exploration of the city where Mark so often visits with work.

Obviously we had to take Double Trouble with us on our tour past The Discovery Taking Double Trouble to see The Discovery 

via this wonderful reminder of the headwinds faced too often on our ride Wind Mosaic 

with a small detour for Boo to mimic penguins.Pretending to be a Penguin 

Her first sighting of Desperate Dan and Minnie the Minx brought a big grin to Boo’s face.


Luckily she had remembered her latest Beano for a read with Minnie

Meeting Minnie 

We thought that the Double Trouble riders should pose with Desperate Dan. Something tells me that Boo would happily join the Minx clan and Mark clearly needs to eat a lot of cow pies to reach Desperate Dan proportions!

Double Trouble Meets Desperate Dan Beano Fan Can't Help Herself

Even the information boards appear to have been ‘minxed’ in Dundee.

Information Monkey 

En route to an important street Boo spotted the offices of the Beano publishers. She really is happy to read her Beano anywhere.

Beano Offices Being Refurbished 

Finally we reached the street she’s been wanting to visit since Mark mentioned seeing it.

Bash Street

Double Trouble needed a rest at Bash Street (to be fair I think it was Mark’s legs that needed the rest).

Tired on Bash Street 

I’d give you three guesses as to which strip she was reading but the clue is in the road name and clearly she was reading about Smiffy, Plug and co.Beano Fan Can't Help Herself on Bash Street

On a different note we also came across this Ghost Bike en route back to the car.

In case you have not come across these; they are bikes painted white and positioned in memory of a cyclist killed or injured on the road. A timely reminder to “Think Bike” when driving.

Ghost Bike 

Sadly we had to head home, after 14 days away, but did take a stop at the Forth Railway Bridge.

Forth Bridge

As well as fitting in a little sightseeing we found time for giant scones and Orkney ice cream at The Railway Bridge Inn where Boo was fascinated by the Forth Bridge artworks and the history of the construction.

We didn’t see any seals on the coast as we cycled so Boo took advantage of this statue to do her impression of a seal pup before we left Scotland for home.Guess What Animal I Am   Seal Spotting

We’ll be back in Scotland soon for the Commonwealth Games, and have agreed to visit Dundee as a family soon, but it might take us a little longer to cycle in the area. However the scenery more than made up for the midges and the battles with hills.


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