Odd Sights En Route

We’re starting to go through the photos and videos we took whilst travelling from one end of mainland Britain to the other and thought we should share some of the sights that Boo captured en route.

Each evening spent in a hotel we laid out our breakfast supplies ready for the morning. For some reason Boo can’t quite face any porridge yet but we’re sure she’ll remember the benefits of it (and the salted caramel sauce) soon enough.

Breakfast  Supplies2

The Highwayman near Dartmoor has to be her favourite place to eat on the basis of the décor alone. Even the ladies toilet was decorated in style (no photos I’m afraid, plus you really have to see it to appreciate it, and the rest of the pub, properly)

The Highwayman

When arranging for a bike tune up you should always pay attention to the warning signs! And this one probably also applies to working together on a tandem (and how our support vehicle reacted once she’d arranged the car for a day cycling if we started putting things in the car or hunting for items).

Avoid Injury


Boo’s preference for white socks is not going to help with the laundry later. I’m sensing a tie-dyeing experiment over the summer.

Spotty Leg

Our support vehicle actually spotted this street name whilst making a quick map/route check. As she was a little off the route at the time she can’t remember where it was but thinks she as in Cheshire at the time.

Armitstead Road

We’ve been asked what was meant by bike-related ceramics when a creative interlude was required during the LEJOG countdown. These are just a few of the items that they made. We love the bike decorations and had some on our Christmas tree this year. Boo thought the use of our original tandem’s broken chain to make a pattern in the clay was a great idea so I suspect that this design will be appearing on more of her work this year.

Cycling Related Ceramics


Talking of creative impulses; Boo captured this road sign graffiti as we pedalled through Devon.

Quirky Road Sign

As well as all the geography to see (and feel in our seats) we enjoyed occasional historical detours including the option of leaving Boo in the stocks en route to Kendal.

Testing the Stocks Hogback Battered Phone Box

Our favourite animal spotting has to be the Highland Cows. We saw them in Dartmoor on day two and then again on our last day. Not a bad way to bookend our ride.Highland Cow

One of my favourite sights was Boo trying to carry her sunglasses like a pro. This one needs a little practice but could be relied on to bring a smile to my face.

Sunglass Holder


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