Shap – The Pass Out of The Lake District

Now we’re home we have time to take a look at our photographs, and have an Internet connection that can cope with us uploading the images that we were unable to whilst en route.

The views in the Lake District were stunning, even through the rain.




The Shap pass in and out of the Lake District is notorious and our support vehicle was concerned that we might need our trainers to walk part of the pass.As it happens the pass plateaus often enough to pause for breath, views and food/drink that, with a steady cadence, we were able to make it to Shap without having to walk. Mind you we did need a lunch break at Borrowdale to shelter in the car whilst eating, an to share a cuddle before Boo headed off on a bug hunt whilst I stared at the road ahead!

Hug En Route to Shap Faster Than a Snail View Towards Shap

We had barely started on this stage of the road to Shap when Boo spotted this lamb that she insisted on photographing even though it meant pausing on an uphill section. Luckily our legs were strong enough by now not to need a push start, and I had to agree that the lamb was cute.

Cute Lamb 

Cycling Up To Shap 

When we finally made it to Shap I had to swap my saddle on the tandem to change the pressure points on my seat as the saddle pain had reached the point where the painkillers weren’t helping.


We were pleasantly surprised as we headed towards Penrith and Carlisle as here the weather was sunny.

Route to Penrith

Our support vehicle acquired these generous raison filled Scotch Scones ready for us to enjoy in Carlisle.

Eating a Scotch Scone

We also enjoyed a brief leg stretch in Penrith to see these hogbacks (Boo saw some excellent hogback examples at the Vikings exhibit in the British Museum before Easter) and the path of Hadrian’s Wall in Carlisle.

Hogback Hadrian's Wall

We reached the point of no more energy for cycling as we crossed into Scotland in Gretna, actually managing to beat our support vehicle across the border. Thankfully she brought us an energy-replenishing picnic which we enjoyed before heading to our hotel for the night.

Welcome To Scotland Recovery Picnic at Gretna



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