Another Fundraising Update

muscle and machine

We’re still struggling with returning to our normal lives. There seems to be a lot of emotion close to the surface as we realise the enormity of the challenge we faced, and the effect on our bodies of cycling so far.

At the moment we seem to be dealing with the after-effects of  the lack of rest, so we find ourselves dozing or sleeping at the drop of a hat. Boo swings from excitement and enthusiasm to growling grumpiness due to the lack of sleep, or she becomes aware of one of her aches and pains. Although she seems to take pride in the blisters on her fingers from gripping the handlebars, and the aches in her legs from cycling all those miles.

This afternoon we gave our support vehicle some TLC  and visited Halfords in Leamington to replace the headlight and rear light that failed whilst we were in Scotland. We also managed the final unpacking of the car so it is now ready for tomorrow morning’s trip to the Stratford CC club run. Boo is especially keen to join the club run now that we have completed our ride, as she would like to focus on the social side of cycling for a while. We also watched the end of the Trooping of the Colour and realised that it isn’t many weeks before we will be riding our Dawes Galaxy Twin ‘Double Trouble’ along Pall Mall during the Ride London Freecycle event before Mark joins the Ride London 100 following the route of the 2012 Olympic road race, including the notorious Box Hill climb.

Last night we were pampered by Boo’s grandparents with a delicious meal including some of Grandpa’s Chelsea Buns that had sustained us on the miles into Monmouth. This gave us a chance to start to tell them about our experiences, and for them to give us the money they have collected on our behalf. We’ve added these new monies to the totals and took great pleasure in seeing the totals mount.

Thanks to the generosity of friends, family, and people we met along our route we have raised £1,782.55 for Zoe’s Place, Coventry which is just short of 90% of our £2,000 target. We have also raised a magnificent £1,914.68 for Cancer Research UK which is 94% of our £2,000 target. We hope that the collection tins we left locally, and in Shropshire, will help to increase our overall totals and our online donation pages will remain open to the end of August to help us achieve our targets.

Thank you for all your support during our ride.

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