On the Eve of the Finish

When we first came up with the idea of riding on the tandem from Land’s End to John O’Groats Mark read lots of books and blogs by those who had attempted the journey and used these to guide our route (hence the avoidance of the A30, amongst other roads) but no amount of preparation could have prepared us for how we would feel with one day left to ride.

67 Miles to go

Everything that can ache or chafe seems to be doing so with midge bites to add to the mix. We are so tired we don’t know what to do with ourselves but still want to experience and observe all we can. Our list of places to return to is as long as our journey, as there is so much to explore here in the UK.

We are all in agreement that our visits to the Manchester Velodrome were the highlight of the LEJOG ride. Although Mark enjoyed riding on the track he was most inspired by seeing Sir Bradley Wiggins in training on the track, and by seeing the response to the Velodrome visit on Lawrence’s face. I turned into a complete ‘fan girl’ and loved every moment of our glimpse into the workings of the track but probably was most emotional at seeing Boo’s confidence, and pleasure, build as she rode onto the boards. For Boo, nothing, no view, no visit from friends and family, nothing, will match the exhilaration of conquering her nerves and riding up high onto the wooden boards at the Manchester Velodrome (although the night in the railway carriage also made quite an impact on her!)

We are also all agreed that this is the hardest thing we have done, individually and as a family. It has been an amazing experience and we are touched by the support we have received en route, and in preparation, and have no idea what we will do next.

Thank you for your support for Cancer Research and Zoe’s Place, and for us.


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