We’ll Always Remember Glencoe

We all ended up so wet on the ride through Glasgow and to Luss that the support vehicle became a drying area, even more than usual, yesterday. Any time I stopped to wait for them I took advantage of the sun and breeze to dry the clothes ready for them to wear today.

 Support Vehicle Travelling Dryer

We hadn’t managed to dry their shoes completely so they used the plastic bags on feet solution to try to keep their socks and toes dry (especially as they do suffer from cars splashing through puddles).

 Plastic Rain Protection

And, to add to the general discomfort (bottoms are very sore now after ten days in the saddle), the midges have discovered a taste for them both. Boo’s ears have particularly suffered and we are threatening to play ‘dot-to-dot’ on Mark’s arms and legs. If they peddle fast enough the midges will stay away (at least that is what I tell them)

Midge Bites B EarMidge Bites

How do you celebrate your birthday? Mark celebrated with (I was going to say a slice of cake but realistically) chunks of delicious chocolate birthday cake on the banks of Loch Lomond (and then he opened a card or gift at each rest stop). Not a bad way to celebrate your birthday, at least for this family.

Lloch Lomond Hobbit Second Birthday Breakfast

They set off for the final stretch along Loch Lomond and then onto Crainlarich (where the heavens opened once more)

Pedalling ALong Loch Lomond

They were surprised, especially as we have lost track of days of the week, to be flagged down by a caravan, only to discover one of Mark’s Dundee based colleagues en route home for work today. She gave Boo and Mark a big supportive hug that gave them a boost for the first of their uphill drags towards Glencoe.

Riding from Crainlarich to the Highlands of Scotland through breathtaking scenery made the uphill struggles worthwhile.

We have never been to this part of the country but have promised ourselves a return visit, possibly without Double Trouble, very soon as there is so much to explore.

Towards Glencoe - Copy

They worked really hard, often with crosswinds and rain to battle, to pace themselves on towards the promised downhill of Glencoe.

Towards Glencoe2

I found the warning of rockfall a little disconcerting especially with the rather precipitous looking mountains and hills shadowing my family.

Falling Rocks

Tiredness finally took over (and the fear of not reaching our hostel before lockup) so we opted to stop in Fort William. They are now 25 miles behind, which is better than the 40 from two days ago but these last three days are going to be hard work.

it hurts

Raising money for Cancer Research UK and Zoe’s Place children’s hospice in Coventry is a real incentive to keep pushing through. Please do support their efforts and spread the word of what they are doing. Thank you for your help and encouraging comments.


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