How Do We Keep In Touch?

When, like today, Mark and Boo have pedaled off on their day’s ride I have to sort the car, try to access the Internet, buy supplies before heading down the route to find them. Sometimes this does not go as well as I might like!

When I start the drive to meet them I usually have an idea of where I would expect to see them and if this does not happen there are fourĀ things that could have happened:

  1. I took a wrong turn (this has happened more often than I care to admit when I have missed a junction, or the route changed overnight/over lunch and I did not pay proper attention to the changes)
  2. They took a wrong turn (more of a problem on the first days as we were not yet used to the Garmin bike computer but can also be an issue in urban settings – hence getting lost in Glasgow recently)
  3. They have made much better time than we expected (sadly not been an issue of late due to the accumulated tiredness and sore body parts but did leave me chasing them for two hours in Shropshire)
  4. I didn’t spot them on the drive (this might sound unlikely but they do have access to cyclepaths so it has happened a couple of times)

How we would have attempted this ride without mobile phone technology I really do not know as we rely on text messages to update locations, and to clarify who is lost/behind.

Boo set me a challenge this morning to complete my emails/blog posting, food shopping and then try to beat the to Loch Ness. They’ve had nearly two hours head start and I’m starting to think she might get there first (just in case I might add a Beano to my shopping list).



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