Bonny Bonny Banks of Loch Lomond

We were lucky to start yesterday with sunshine and a following wind that helped us reach Glasgow.
Once there we found ourselves in Govan which hadn’t been in the plan! By now we were drenched and delighted to see Boo`s godmother with towels and our support vehicle with food.
A quick map check and we set off along the cycle path to Loch Lomond since the spray from vehicles was reaching ridiculous levels.
This meant we couldn’t see our support vehicle, but we couldn’t see much of the Loch either.
After 80 miles of cycling and all that the weather could throw at us we stopped in Luss to dry out and meet up with Boo’s godmother for a delicious fish supper. Boo enjoyed a spot of dancing with family as well as her fish.
It is now my 40th birthday and I can think of no better way to celebrate than cycling along Loch Lomond driving Boo crazy by singing about the Bonny Banks and dodging the midges!!


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