Heading Into Scotland Today

When we were offered the opportunity to ride on the track at the Manchester Velodrome we had three choices:

  • Decline politely
  • Accept but take it steady to conserve the legs for the ride to Kendal
  • Accept and embrace the opportunity, learn as much as possible, drink in the experience, and deal with the consequences for our ride later in the day.

I’m sure you can guess which option Mark & Boo went for!

They had an incredible hour which will stay with them forever. I promise that very soon we will do a more complete write up with pictures. For the moment there are some notes on our Facebook page and some lovely additional photographs taken by Robbie of British Cycling.

I did try to record their track exploits and have uploaded a few clips to our YouTube channel. Apologies for the sound but I hope you enjoy the sight of them learning how to ride on a steeply banked track.

We were all exhausted last night and have had a very slow start this morning. I finally waved them off about 6 miles outside of Kendal at 10:30 for the ride to Dumfries. They pedalled last night until 7pm with Boo driving Mark’s legs round for the last hour.

This is how Boo looked at the end of the track session


And this is how Boo looked when she stepped, puffing and panting, off the tandem just outside Kendal.


I plead guilty to being incredibly proud of the way they have both worked, the money they have raised, and how well they are working together and responding to each other’s needs.

Right, I’d better leave this and head up Shap to meet them ready for the rest of their ride to Dumfries.




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