A Quick Overview of Day Two

We had a ridiculously early start to try to make up the miles we had missed last night. We were pedalling out of Liskeard before 8am but boy were the hills fierce! Hills

We had a brief stop at Dartmoor Cycles to say hello to Andy and Mike, and admit that, maybe we have embarked on something slightly barking. But we’ll try to focus on the exciting side of our expedition (even with all the hills).

Dartmoor Cycles

Following Andy’s suggestion we set off on the off-road route towards Okehampton (more about that when Boo is awake but key highlights were the rabbit bouncing between the wheels of Double Trouble and the incredible views, although Boo was disappointed not to see any Dartmoor Ponies.

We joined back up with our support vehicle at the splendid Highwayman Inn in Sourton. We were given a lovely welcome, ate delicious food (we especially liked the pasties and pies), found a geocache, and Boo even did some fundraising.

The Highwayman

Then we headed off along the narrow country lanes that confused our support vehicle’s SatNav (and tested her map reading skills) so she spent much of this section of the ride driving behind us.

Sunshine but hilly

This had the advantage of meaning that she was available the minute we needed a refreshment break. With the efforts involved in the uphills (for the all too brief, but joyous downhills) we needed plenty of leg stretches and drinks.

Snack Break


After all our efforts early this morning we just could not quite make up the full distance today so stopped in Tiverton and then enjoyed a lovely evening with family in Bridgewater. We are going to bed pampered and will make tomorrow our longest day. We’ve looked at the terrain and know that there will be some tough sections, but we are getting stronger every day!


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