And So It Begins

It was very early yesterday (Friday 30th May) morning when we woke to a rather gloomy sky. Once we’d had our porridge from the Land’s End Hostel, loaded the car, and covered ourselves in waterproofs before pedalling downhill for half a mile for our photo opportunity with The Post!

The Post


So here we are fully equipped, and smiling through the morning murk.

The Post - Cancer ResearchThe Post - Zoe


Raising money for Cancer Research and Zoe’s Place is really important for us, and will help us through the tough patches. At the moment every mile we ride is raising £2.50 for our charities. So every 20 miles will raise enough to look after one child for one hour at Zoe’s Place. The thought of this fundraising definitely kept Boo’s legs going at some points!

So which way do we need to go?

The Post - which way

There is an official start line which we crossed with much trepidation and excitement. It will be a while before we cross the finish line and we wonder how much we will have changed by then.

Crossing the Start Line

It is proving to be a little more difficult than we would like to fit in geocaching as we travel but we managed to combine eating a pasty with geocaching in Penzance.

Sharing a Pasty in Penzance

One of the highlights for Boo of the first day was the King Harry Chain Ferry and we will post more about this once we have internet access and she is awake. However it did involve a splendidly speedy downhill.

Speeding down to the chain ferry

Unfortunately, as she learnt on this first day, what goes down must go up! And that super downhill was followed by a long slow drag on the opposite side.

We haven’t had a chance to upload the bike computer information (tiredness and internet access proving an issue that we will work on) but there did seem to be a lot of uphills for the brief joys of the downhill spurt.

It all proved to be a little too much for the two of us, especially as we quickly realised that we needed to take the tandem to Dartmoor Cycles for a tune-up and did not want to keep them too far beyond their normal hours. So, with tired legs, we stepped off the tandem at Liskeard, and drove over to Tavistock where Andy quickly worked on our brakes and gears and wished us well for the next day.


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