2 Days To Go – Do We Feel Ready Yet?


2 Days To Go!
Now the countdown is really speeding up (I know that time doesn’t work that way, but it does feel as if it is moving faster now that we are only two days from the start of the ride).

I could do with a TARDIS right now to gain a week or two (or take a peek at the weather conditions they are going to face so that I pack the right cold/wet/sunny weather combinations….but I suspect I should just stick to packing all options. At least they won’t be facing the snow that the Giro d’Italia had to contend with yesterday)

Mark is in the office for the last time for just over two weeks. What time do you think he will finally switch on his ‘out of office’ and come home to finish off the bike mechanics?

Boo is spending the day with her Nanna and is clearly a lot more relaxed than her parents! She took longer than necessary walking to Nanna’s because she stalked a pigeon, rescued a worm and observed a blackbird eating a worm. Boo called me earlier to inform me that she has booked herself in for supper with her grandparents and has even persuaded Grandpa to rustle up her favourite pasta sauce for her! At least I know that she is having a good day with her grandparents before our LEJOG adventure begins.

And me, well with a ‘to do’ list as long as my arm I decided that I needed to do something creative.

So I’m putting some pottery in the kiln.

I know that doesn’t seem essential right now but Boo and I have been busy making some bicycle themed items and I really felt the need to do something unrelated to computers an LEJOG preparations before I spend the next 15 days driving the length of the country – twice!  I’ll probably then spend an hour doing my best headless chicken impression before finding that cool, calm focus I need and settling down to ticking the essential jobs off the ‘to do’ list.

When you are sponsoring the Double Trouble riding duo it gives them a real boost knowing that every pedal stroke is raising money for Cancer Research and Zoe’s Place; but it also gives me a boost as I work in the background to help them prepare. So I would like to say “Thank You” to everyone supporting our efforts.

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