Dancing the Dawes Tandem Fandango

When planning to ride Double Trouble, our tandem, from one end of the country to the other with my 9 year old daughter it did not take long to realise that she is not going to take it as seriously as the grown ups involved.

Dawes Vogue11

Dawes, the Birmingham bicycle manufacturer who produced our Galaxy Twin, kindly sent us a supporters pack including a pair of jerseys which Boo felt we should test out.

Dawes Pedal11

Which we duly did on a recent sunny afternoon. All went well as we pedalled around Kenilworth.

Dawes Wave

Then Boo decided we should ‘pose’ for the camera, as we clearly have to be strong to plan a 950 mile route across the country.

Dawes Strong Arm

Once she’d leapt off the tandem she felt it necessary to invent a special” Dawes Tandems Rule” song and dance routine. Unfortunately our Support Vehicle was laughing too much to capture it for posterity but did manage a handful of photographs.

Dawes Vogue Dawes Vogue2 Dawes Vogue3 Dawes Vogue9 Dawes Vogue4 Dawes Vogue5 Dawes Vogue6 Dawes Vogue7 Dawes Vogue8  Dawes Vogue10  Dawes Vogue11

It is safe to say that Boo has a different perspective on our ride, and I just hope that I can borrow some of her joyfulness to motivate me as we travel.


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