Finalising the Route – Final Day Planned!

It has taken us longer than expected to complete the detailed OS maps of our route but we have finally reached John O’Groats – at least on paper!

Day Thirteen is a 63 mile bumpy route with about 1100 metres of vertical ascent; luckily with plenty of downhills to enjoy, and the final miles are relatively flat. Boo is excited about the coastal views and is hopeful of seeing marine birds and mammals as we travel.

We estimate that it will take us about five and a half hours in the saddle so will leave Tongue at 8am and try to limit our food stops en route in order to have a celebration lunch at 2pm when we reach John O’Groats.

Day Thirteen Elevation

Once we reach John O’Groats, we will have pedalled a minimum total of 935.12 miles. We are assuming it will be nearer 950 miles once we have added in the mileage for route diversions, pedalling to accommodation, and we accept the possibility that we might even make errors occasionally!

It will be wonderful to take some time to explore John O’Groats before finally putting Double Trouble, our Dawes Galaxy Twin, onto the roof rack ready to begin the long drive back home. Mark thinks he might even enjoy driving for a stretch as a change from all that pedalling.

Two weeks today we drive from home to Land’s End ready for 13 days of cycling. Please support our ride by donating to our charities:

Cancer Research UK and Zoe’s Place Childrens Hospice in Coventry.

Thank you for your support.


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