Riding on Rollers

If you watch any cycling event you’ll see the professionals warming up and cooling down with their bike fixed on rollers. We also have rollers, or a turbo trainer, that we considered using at home to ride whatever the weather. It didn’t quite work that way because the tandem is a little big for our house. However we have used the turbo trainer before with the tandem in Kenilworth so that we can talk to people about our ride. We have arranged two more events before our ride.

On Saturday 17th May you can find us on ‘Double Trouble’, on rollers, outside The Almanack pedalling 80 miles as this is our average daily mileage. We will start pedalling at 9am and, with breaks for food and chat, we will finish our 80 miles at 5pm. We will have information about both our charities, Cancer Research UK and Zoe’s Place Coventry, and about our route. Please do come along to The Almanack and support us and find out more about our ride.

Cancer Research Pedalling Zoes Place Wave2


Then on Sunday 18th May we will be inside Sainsburys in Kenilworth pedalling on Double Trouble from 10-4. It will be interesting to see how far we’ll be able to pedal during the shorter day. How near to 80 miles do you think we’ll manage? The staff at Sainsburys have kindly offered to put collection buckets for our charities at the end of their tills so that you can do your supermarket shop, chat to Boo on the back of the tandem, and help us to raise money for Zoe’s Place and Cancer Research.

We look forward to seeing you next weekend.

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