Feeling More Organised

fun stuff

We’ve had a busy weekend and nothing has gone quite to plan but we think that we’re a little more organised than we were on Friday and we’ve had some fun together too.


Boo had a splendidly muddy 6 mile Brownie Centenary Walk on Saturday afternoon which ended later than forecast (more about that once we’ve had a chance to look at the photographs) and then we went to a fish and chip supper and quiz night. As soon as the quiz master started to list the rounds we realised that it wasn’t going to be an early finish so weren’t surprised this morning when Boo couldn’t be roused in time to join the Stratford CC club run.

However; Mark has managed to go out on his bike or the tandem for a few hours each day, and even fitted in a little bike mechanics and some sorting of his cycle clothing (I sense a shopping trip soon). We’ve finalised arrangements for next weekend’s roller rides in Kenilworth and delivered collection tins for our charities.

This afternoon we dashed over to Decathlon just before they closed and managed to complete Boo’s collection of cycle shorts and jerseys for our LEJOG ride (we are working on the ‘one to wash, one to wear, one for spare’ principle) and even picked up a pair of open sided trainers that she has just tested for tree-climbing potential. Apparently they passed the test, so she is happy that her new summer footwear will suit her skate-boarding, scooting, tree-climbing and geocaching habits and she now has more shoes than me! Mark picked up a few supplies for himself ,and a couple of interesting diversions seem to have made it into the basket too (the new bicycle bell is apparently essential for Boo’s bike).

Our accommodation is now arranged for the whole journey and we have just the last two days to map out, which we’re hoping to finish this evening.

Somehow we’ve also managed to follow the inaugural Women’s Tour, a really interesting race and an exciting boost for women’s cycling, and the start of the Giro d’Italia (in Bellfast). The crashes and close shaves reminded us to double check our First Aid kits (small for on the bike, large for in the car).

I’m coming to the realisation that we will never feel fully prepared so we just need to do the best we can, and ensure we have numbers for bike shops en route, and we will be fine on our adventure.

Hope you had a good weekend too.


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