Last week at science club we were looking at cells which led to extensive discussions about how cells change in order to become cancerous. Obviously our microscope was not powerful enough to see that level of detail in Boo’s cheek cells but she found the science behind Cancer Research fascinating.

Onion Cells

Last year, at the Big Bang Fair in Coventry she spent some time at the Cancer Research UK stand trying their table tennis ball demonstration of the need to target treatment. There was a body covered in different coloured cups with matching coloured table tennis balls. The first time she was given 10 random balls and told to aim them wherever she wanted with the obvious result of very few matching pairs of cups and balls. Then she repeated the game with 10 purple balls, her favourite colour, with the inevitable better hit rate. Boo found this demonstration interesting, and as she mentioned it during our discussion of cells, memorable.

Cancer Research Table Tennis Balls

Boo and I had a meeting with our local Cancer Research Fundraising Manager this afternoon and hope to arrange to join a lab tour, after our LEJOG ride, to find out more about the work of our local research centre. We’ll let you know more once we have arranged our lab tour.



2 thoughts on “Cells

    1. Deb, Thank you for the use of the microscope. Each child prepared a slide with onion and cheek cells and were amazed at the alien landscapes they viewed through the microscope. It was a really popular activity and Boo was thrilled to see her own cheek cells. Plus we discovered that there is a type of skin cell that just washes the taste buds. Amazing stuff!


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