Home of the Beano

Despite how it feels sometimes this month, we do have a life beyond cycling.


Boo has been a fan of The Beano comic for many years. It started when she needed some encouragement to read and the early reading books weren’t appealing to her sense of story or adventure. Yet she would sit with her latest Beano for hours reading and re-reading the stories, cracking the jokes, and enjoying the illustrations.

Beano  Beano2

Her collection of Beanos (obviously we are not allowed to tidy them up or recycle them) and Beano Annuals is building and we did take one out as a test of her balance on Double Trouble, our Dawes Galaxy Twin.

Beano3  Beano4

Mark has frequent visits to his office in Dundee. This might not mean much to many of you. But it is very important to Boo.

Firstly this means that Daddy is away more than she would like, secondly the Scottish Tablet supply does not run out, and thirdly he works in the city where her precious Beano is published (his work is nothing to do with the Beano but the Dundee link is enough).

Last time he stayed overnight he went out for an early morning run and discovered that his hotel was near the recently re-named Bash Street!


Then, whilst waiting for his flight from Edinburgh to Birmingham he saw something that appeals to Boo nearly as much. The incredible Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena is in a disused quarry.

Edinburgh Climbing Wall

Boo climbs weekly at Bear Rock at Warwick University, and would go more often if she could. So she is starting to plan our return journey home and is encouraging us to find a route that will include Bash Street in Dundee and the Edinburgh Climbing Centre. Luckily she realises that 13 days of cycling is not the best preparation for exploring these giant walls so we will just be observing, this time.

I have a feeling that our trip to the Commonwealth Games in the summer may have to include an Edinburgh detour. As long as she doesn’t expect me to climb those 30 metre high walls I’ll be happy enough!


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